Artist You Should Know: WhiteNoise

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by: Mitch Buchanan

White noise. You know – that annoying static that’s accompanied by little specks of “snow” on the TV screen. Or that sound on your favourite radio station whenever you’re too far away from home. Or, in our case, that ground-breaking producer who came barrelling out of Berlin with a ton of insane tracks ready to destroy dance floors worldwide.

Standing strong in the dubstep scene but coming from electro, house, and D&B roots, WhiteNoise has brought his music to a new level – a nirvana where dirty bass and beautiful melodies can flow together in harmony.

Take a look through the WhiteNoise SoundCloud page and you’ll see a collection of music that spans multiple genres and sub-genres. There’s the “Swing” series and an orchestral piece, samples of old classics and remixes of new pop hits. But what keeps this eclectic mix together is WhiteNoise’s attention to musical detail. In each track, the melodies, harmonies, and chord progressions are skilfully examined and manipulated to maintain a level of musicality and originality that is hard to beat. Take a listen to his “CAPS” remix (originally by Drughead) and compare it to the original. Or how about his remix of Kevin Rudolf’s “Let It Rock”? No matter which track you select (I highly recommend starting at the top, hitting Play, listening to every song in a row, and then repeating), you will find that every single one pays respect to the original composition first and foremost. It’s that sort of musical appreciation and attention to detail that separates the fans and amateurs from the professionals.

WhiteNoise is nothing like the sounds of static on your audio devices. His music has a distinctly produced sound, but it’s not just about production – each track is truly composed. WhiteNoise knows how to take chord progressions and tuneful melodies and layer them through a dubstep track to create not just music, but a musical experience. He’s had a couple tracks featured on by now, but his SoundCloud currently has 30 for your listening pleasure. With thousands of plays per track, WhiteNoise’s music is obviously striking the right chords with people worldwide – find your track in his collection.

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