Esic - Self-Titled EP

Article by Mitchell Buchanan

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Dubstep has embodied many forms over the course of it’s short but highly volatile life-span. As it continues to evolve, some artists try to find new sounds and others stick with an working formula. Esic, an Amsterdam-based producer, falls somewhere in the middle. New to the scene, with his first track emerging on SoundCloud about a month ago, Esic’s music is influenced by minimalism but its heavily-layered construction adds a considerable amount of mood and depth to each track. Combine minimalist-based composition with innovative sound creation, and unrivalled production skills, and you’ve got yourself Esic’s brand-new EP – out now, for free, through Esic himself. Fans of bass music can rejoice at this triple-threat of dubstep and D&B, all produced with Esic’s incredible eye for detail. We hope this is just the beginning for the Dutch producer – because after listening to this, we want three
hours of this stuff, not just three tracks!

“Night’s Queens” is a modern tribute to dubstep of the early 2000’s. A rawer, more aggressive wobble plays as the main melody, as snap-infused percussion pushes forward on each downbeat. Playing anywhere between the mid-range and sub-bass, the melody ensures there’s variation as well as deep notes to drive the track and makes excellent use of our subwoofers. Although only two chords are played throughout the song, the moody atmosphere maintained by abstract sounds keep the track feeling fresh right until the very end. It’s a dark and murky feel, like the original days of dubstep.

Amping up the tempo, “Clusterfuck” starts off with a simple D&B beat. Punctuated with pops and shakes, the beat is both minimal and energetic. As the track progresses, so does the bass – it grows more distorted and prominent bar by bar until it’s cut off completely by a light, ringing melody. As the beat pulls back in underneath, the track still feels minimal, but it’s certainly more complete. The contrast of dark percussion and bass with the bright melodic bells pulls us into a transitional state – we could sit back and close our eyes to this track, or we could jump up and go wild.

The EP closes off with “Obsession.” Another dubstep track, “Obsession” increases the intensity by adding a layer of danger to Esic’s masterfully-created dark atmosphere. A man with an obsession is a dangerous man indeed – and the fact that we know nothing about the man in this track, or the track itself, is a thrilling experience. Initially building up quickly, the track nevertheless quiets down for a small, music-box melody. Building back up with masterfully arranged percussion, the tracks settles in the yellow as rippling bass emerges and descends to push the needle closer to the red. Although the track doesn’t build up again to its initial size, the tension maintained throughout is something to be admired.

Esic might not be a name you’ve heard a lot from as of yet, but rest assured you’ll hear much more from him in the coming months. His minimalist style is unique and utterly addictive – and this EP is a testament to his immaculate production capabilities. With so much high-energy North American dubstep being produced, something on the other end of the spectrum stands out, and it stands out in a good way. If minimalist tracks are your thing, you’ll need to take a listen to Esic’s new EP – if you’re not a minimalist, I can guarantee you’ll want to be after hearing these tracks.

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