Pizza Party - “Deep Dish” EP (NiT GriT and Stephan Jacobs)

Pizza Party - "Deep Dish" EP (NiT GriT and Stephan Jacobs)

Article by Mitchell Buchanan

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The amount of terrible puns I could do for a name like Pizza Party is profound. But at the risk of sounding cheesy (ok, one just to get it out of my system), we’ll skip the groans and move straight on to the music. Pizza Party was established as a collaborative effort between Stephan Jacobs and NiT GriT to bring us even more delicious bass music – and at, we can honestly say we’re more than satisfied with the releases so far. In the summer, Pizza Party dropped their self-titled EP (a three-track wonder, including a fantastic Metric remix), and today they’ve released the Deep Dish EP –  exclusively through Dubstep.NET - solely for our listening pleasure. And oh, how pleasurable it has been. Deep Dish brings us four brand-new tunes from the good men behind Pizza Party, and their collective knowledge of musical creation shines through once again on each and every track.

“Game Over” reintroduces us to Pizza Party’s unique collaborative style. Heavy with the kick drum, this track opens up with bubbling noises and string-like synth work. Quickly, and without any build-up, a deep, sinister voice cuts in to tell us that it’s “game over” – and we’re thrown immediately into the drop. Sweeping, metallic lasers encompass the high and mid-range while the bass takes care of the low end. Deep, dark synths get a showcase next, followed by a series of aggressive bass jabbers. Near the middle of the track, we’re hit with a double-speed breakdown that features a mix of metallic and sharply jabbing bass – like the initial drop, the breakdown arrives almost completely unannounced to create an unparalleled sense of excitement throughout the track.

“Take It” arrives close on the heels of “Game Over.” This track is other-worldly, with its use of echoing, irregular synth melodies and cut-up, manipulated vocals. In fact, listening to the wobbling sounds throughout the track, I’m almost convinced that they’re also incredibly manipulated vocals. “Take It” is backed by a multi-faceted drum line, with blazing-fast kicks, a tight snare, and hand claps that give the track a smooth hip-hop vibe. Add in some occasional piercing synth work and the trademark sweeping metallic sounds, and you’re listening to an eerily beautiful, haunting, highly memorable piece of music with a quiet yet distinctly noticeable undertone of aggression.

“Information Overload” starts off with a funky array of sliding chords and hard-hitting drums. Soon, the intensity jumps a notch with the introduction of deep bass tones and modulating synths. Their lively, jittering nature only builds up anticipation for what’s to come next – and when it comes, you’ll see that it was worth the wait. Wet, bubbling bass wells up over the rhythm section as vocal lines are dropped on top, the clang of a ride cymbal’s bell keeping straight time in the high-end. The Pizza Party duo have done a stellar job of keeping the hip-hop vibe moving from “Take It” to “Information Overload,” but without sacrificing any of their immense originality.

As with any good pizza party, something’s missing if you don’t order at least one Supreme. The closing track on this EP is absolutely delectable and does just that – “Supreme” is a moderately chill tune with masterful chord creation and impeccable instrumentation. The relaxed introduction eventually leads to some wonderfully pulsating synth-work, with a filter that gives the tones a lazy, descending effect. Just before the minute mark, Pizza Party switch gears to give us yet another dose of deliciously wet bass but this time it’s paired with some crazy chord work. The sound of the synths, the notes they play, the rhythms they move in –some of the most exciting and ear-pleasing melody creation that I’ve come across recently is showcased on “Supreme.”

As Pizza Party, NiT GriT and Stephan Jacobs combine their vast production knowledge to bring us music that is undeniably spectacular. The Deep Dish EP is no different – these four new tracks have a specific quality that makes each of them unique, exciting, and memorable in their own ways. Whether it’s metallic, aggressive mid-range sweeps, modulating and pulsing synth work, bubbling bass wobbles, or intricate drum patterns, Pizza Party’s Deep Dish EP will satisfy your hunger for supremely impassioned bass music. 

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