Kezwik - Get Dropped EP Review

By Ethan Baer

When I first put on the new Kezwik “Get Dropped” album from Simplify Recordings, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. A relatively unknown, FIFTEEN year old producer releases a high-profile EP with two features by international bass-juggernaut Messinian, an original female vocal collab, and an early promo shout-out by previously featured star Dubstep producers Helicopter Showdown … this guy MUST be up to something good. From the second I pressed play I was immediately floored by the crisp quality of the sound and the overall cohesiveness of the tracks. Perfecting your sounds is often a career-long struggle for many extremely talented artists, yet Kezwik already seems quite comfortable in his element…and oh, by the way….did we mention he’s only 15? 

The title track “Get Dropped” begins with a dangerous and brooding melodic intro that immediately sets you on the edge of your seat and makes your hair stand on end. Complex and supremely evocative melodies create tremendous tension and act as the impenetrable framework for the massive beat soon to come. A cutting first verse from mastermind MC Messinian ends with the abrupt exclamation “GET DROPPED!”, heralding the thunderous and distinctly robotic bombardment of sound about to penetrate your ears. Precisely honed synths assault the senses with razor-sharp edges while absolutely concussive bass delivers quaking tremors through any sub fortunate enough to bump a Kezwik original.

Standout track “Gravity” starts off with a soothing and deeply cinematic orchestral sound-scape that seems as if it could be the score to a video of utterly breath-taking IMAX helicopter footage. A diverse and vibrant combination of melodic instruments co-exist in perfect harmony, slowly building to something you already know is going to be completely mind-blowing. The symphonic atmosphere collapses suddenly and the listener is dropped into a relentless onslaught of grinding, alien life-forms. A fierce sonic battle commences from which nothing emerges alive, a desolate audio-wilderness tinged with melancholy is all that remains.

Quite different from the rest of the album, “Trigger” was perfectly designed to feature the gorgeous and perfectly modulated vocals of Mel Presson. A dark and cavernous sonic atmosphere serves as the perfect back-drop for Kezwik’s illustriously constructed mixture of soft female vocals and reverberating sub-bass vibrations. With the ever-increasing frequency at which dubstep producers are attempting the classic and oh-so-popular “vocal dubstep banger”, it’s all too common to hear songs that manage to include the vocal track rather than actually highlighting the singer and making their appearance stronger through more interactive production. Kezwik not only succeeds with “Trigger”, he excels beyond all expectation, making Mel Presson’s voice into the sole source of salvation in a starless and desolate wasteland.

With two superb features from international bass legend Messinian and an amazingly sexy vocal appearance by Mel Presson, it’s already strikingly clear that Kezwik has both the community support and the enormous versatility necessary to attain a secure and enduring position as a career-musician. Despite his astonishing youth, “Get Dropped” marks a pioneering milestone not only for Kezwik, but for American Bass as a whole. With the standards for production increasingly rapidy, Kezwik is already off to a phenomenal start, and we hope he takes full advantage of the full life-time of production left ahead of him. A young prodigy with the style and technique of a seasoned beat-making veteran, Kezwik has rightfully earned himself a place in very heart of the Dubstep scene with this tremendous debut release.

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