Artist You Should Know: Elo!i and Heights

Elo!i and Heights - GANGSTAAA EP by

This week, we’ve got a Canadian dubstep duo to present to the masses. Elo!i & Heights are a Montreal-based dubstep group who have been lighting up the local scene and playing alongside many of the biggest names that come through. What big names? Oh… maybe Mt. Eden, Chasing Shadows, Feed Me, Dirtyphonics, J.Rabbit and Dillon Francis? Yeah… those just a few of the big names with whom they’ve shared the stage. With their Bukkake EP released in April on Monkey Dub Recordings, and a new EP (GANSTAAA!) due this week through Dubstep.NET, Elo!i & Heights are not only tearing it up on stage – they’re igniting dancefloors everywhere with their infectious dubstep and wild moombahton tracks.

Coming from Waterloo, Ontario, I unfortunately don’t get many chances to experience the rowdy Montreal bass scene. However, back in August, I spent a few days in the city and managed to see Elo!i & Heights take over the stage at the SAT (Société des Arts Technologiques) for a three-hour set, combining dirty Dubstep, raging DnB, and grinding Moombahton into a sweaty, non-stop electronic bass-fest. These two work in perfect harmony together, Elo!i will work the controls and mix as Heights queues a few tracks and hypes up the crowd, and then they’ll seamlessly switch duties for several songs. And let me tell you – a crowd hyped up on Elo!i & Heights is probably one of the rowdiest sites you’ll ever experience. The audience cheers, waves their arms, dances crazily, and revels in the sticky heat for as long as the music plays. This is, of course, backed by insane stage performances from the duo themselves, it’s exhilarating watching them get excited for the drops in their own set; the kick drum starts firing, the beats ramp up, the bass drops, and Elo!i & Heights are airborne as they jump in perfect rhythm with the music. Their utterly unique mixing style also shines through in their live show; vocals from one track will be effortlessly mixed with instrumentals from another, songs are cleverly edited to transition between different genres, and the pre-drop from one track will build up only to reveal the drop from another impressive crowd-pleaser. All of this and more displays the exemplary live performances by this up-and-coming Canadian Duo.

On top of consistently stellar live sets, Elo!i & Heights also boast an impressive array of original studio tracks and remixes. Head to any of their shows and you’ll hear the crowd going wild for “HOE” (featuring Wicked Fat Noize), their remix of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems,” “Gangstaaa,” (both featured on their brand-new EP) or fan-favorite “Ground Control.” Fortunately for the listeners, you don’t have to be at one of their show to hear these E&H bangers – you can listen to the tracks on SoundCloud if you need some bass pounding instant-gratification through your headphones; a few are even available for free download. Each track is exciting and new; tempos and genres vary between tracks, the sounds stay fresh, and each one is extremely well-produced. They go hard at Elo!i & Heights shows, and these superb tracks will go hard in your own sets too.

This Montreal duo is already making big things happen in the local scene, and I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if they took a gigantic leap upwards in the ranks over the next little while. Make sure to check out their brand new EP “Gangstaaa” out for exclusive release on Dubstep.NET!

Follow Elo!i and Heights:!/Eloii.n.Heights